Hello! It’s been a while! Two days less than two months, to be exact. I’m coming back with a new (simple) update to the website, completely changing it’s purpose.

In the couple months since I launched the website, I published 138 blog posts about Fortnite. Anything Fortnite news, whether it was an Item Shop update, a new gun, new quests, or something else.

Since creating the website, I have fallen out of being obsessed with everything Fortnite news. Sure, I still play matches, but I’m not checking the Item Shop every night at reset or scrolling and scrolling on an update day anymore.

However, I have always loved Funko POPs, and I’ve become even more obsessed with the news for it since then. (I’m an Ad Icon addict.) So, that’s where I’m going with this. I’ve made the decision to get rid of all the Fortnite blog posts (I’m sorry, but there really wasn’t THAT MUCH that needed an archival. The only one I felt needed an archival that badly was the April Fools one, which already had an archival on this site.) and am now going to do Funko blog posts. First looks, releases, even leaks will all be covered. Welcome to the Funko era of the Tech and Cheese website!

By Liam

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